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5 Books For Eichler Homes Fans

Joseph Eichler’s contribution to the Modernism movement is undeniable. Eichler-designed houses are incredibly popular today amongst the Mid-Century Home community.

Eichler Homes: From Niche to Mainstream

Starting in 1953, the American real estate market began to change. The rise of average salaries and a spreading optimism about the future, caused a dramatic increase of buying requests for the first time since the end of the war. New buyers also began to develop more refined tastes – asking for more elaborate designs; requests to which builders eagerly responded, including new features as second bathrooms, larger living areas, more functional kitchens and in-house intercoms.

Eichler Homes: Promoting Modernism.

It’s almost certain that Joe Eichler would not have had as much success as he did if it wasn’t for the Californian style success and its strong cultural basis, which many of Eichler’s developments marketing campaigns were based on.

Eichler Homes And The Birth of The Modernist Dream

Generally speaking, Americans living in the early 1940s rarely accepted modern architecture as the standard for private housing. Californians however, were the exception – owing to a subculture of reformers and philanthropists that chose a contemporary and modern style when designing their houses.