If you are here, you probably like the Mid Century design and I strongly believe that the Mail List is a great tool to share and learn more about it.

Because thanks to the Mail List :

  • we can know each other better: you will be part of a Mid-Century design community,
  • I can share with you the most interesting things I learn about the Mid Century design: In this way you will have a sneak peak of the future topics I will write about and -giving me your feedback and suggestions- you will be part of the ‘creative process’,
  • you will discover something new about the Mid-Century design in every email and be inspired by the special “The Best House Tours of the Month” that I prepare for the Mail List only; maybe with one more surprise 😉

But there are more advantages of joining the Mid Century Home Mail List: it is completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time!

The reason why I started Mid Century Home is the passion I have about the Mid Century design, its history, its designers and their works; something I am constantly learning about.

When I started Mid Century Home I had 3 goals:

  • to share all the new things I discover and learn about the Mid-Century design,
  • to create a community of Mid-Century enthusiasts with whom I share what I learn and from whom to learn more,
  • to help enthusiasts like me to discover the Mid-Century design world.

The Mail List is the perfect way to achieve these goals together!

So, if you wanna join me and all the other Mid-Century fans, share your love for design and discover the Mid-Century modern design, just fill in the box on the right with your email and name -it is nicer to know with whom you are talking :)- and it is done!

The email goes out once a week, no spam in your mailbox: guaranteed.

Wait…One More Thing!

If  you love social networks you can also enjoy my tweets on Twitter and thoughts on Facebook.

Or if you prefer a quick and simple way to receive all the Mid Century Home updates, here is the RSS feed for your reader.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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